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Self Storage Unit Close to Interstate
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Moving Supplies 101

As your moving day approaches, you may find yourself looking around and wonder, “What should I do with all my stuff?” Packing is one of the greatest headaches associated with moving; loose knick-knacks, trinkets and assorted goods, oddly-shaped pieces of furniture and personal wardrobes each present their own packing challenges.

Moving Boxes

However, boxing up your goods does not have to be a burdensome task. By understanding what high-quality packing materials to use for specific items, you can easily and safely help your prized possessions to your new home and safely.

Professional moving boxes and cartons come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are specifically suited to fit a variety of household goods. Check out the following list and you'll be amazed at the offerings that can simplify the job.


1) Dish Packs, Glass Packs (or Dish Barrel Kit)

Extra sturdy corrugated carton of double-wall construction for all breakables such as china and dishes, crystal and glassware. You may also want to use cellular dividers inside the carton as an extra measure of protection.


2) Small Box or Book Box

A small, easy to handle carton designed for heavy items such as books and records or CDs. 1.5 cubic feet.


3) Medium Box

Medium utility box often used for pots and pans, toys, non-perishable food (cans and jars) and small appliances. 3 cubic feet.


4) Large Square Box (Lamp)

For bulky items such as linens, towels, toys or lampshades. 4.5 cubic feet.


5) Large Rectangular Box (Lamp)

For lightweight bulky articles such as pillows, blankets and large lampshades. 6 cubic feet.


6) Wardrobe Box, Grand or Shorty

This large carton has a hanger bar to accommodate clothes from your closet or draperies.


7) Mirror Box

Telescoping cartons fit almost any picture, mirror or glass.


8) Mattress Totes, Bags

Available in king, queen, double, single (twin) and crib sizes; you'll need one for every box spring and every mattress.

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